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1 an organization of missionaries in a foreign land sent to carry on religious work [syn: missionary post, missionary station, foreign mission]
2 an operation that is assigned by a higher headquarters; "the planes were on a bombing mission" [syn: military mission]
3 a special assignment that is given to a person or group; "a confidential mission to London"; "his charge was deliver a message" [syn: charge, commission]
4 the organized work of a religious missionary [syn: missionary work]
5 a group of representatives or delegates [syn: deputation, commission, delegation, delegacy]

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  1. A duty that involves fulfilling a request.
  2. Religious evangelism. See also: missionary
  3. (the missions) collective term for third world charities, particularly those which preach as well as provide aid.


duty that involves fulfilling a request
  • Bulgarian: мисия
  • Croatian: misija
  • Czech: poslání, mise
  • Dutch: missie
  • Esperanto: misio
  • Finnish: tehtävä
  • French: mission
  • Hungarian: küldetés
  • Italian: missione
  • Japanese: 任務
  • Polish: misja
  • Russian: миссия (míssija)
  • Slovene: naloga
  • Spanish: misión
religious evangelism
  • Croatian: misija
  • Dutch: missie, zending
  • Finnish: missio
  • French: mission
  • Japanese: 伝道
  • Korean: 사명
  • Polish: misja
  • Slovene: misijon
  • Spanish: misión


  1. To send to a mission.




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A mission, from the Latin missum (English: sent), is a specific task, often religious, which a person or group has been charged with or adopts as their main purpose. It can also mean a school or other institution founded for religious education and/or evangelization. See also missionary, a related word in a religious context.
The mission of an organization is often stated explicitly in a mission statement.


Politics and government


  • Mission statement, a brief statement of the purpose of an organization
  • Mission (slang), a slang term often used to describe a task or objective of which is considered difficult by the user
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Other uses

  • Mission, the previous name of the music group currently known as "Crown City Rockers."
  • Mission Vao, a character in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
  • Mission (grape), a variety of grape.
  • Mission bottle, a bottle in a pharmacy for an oral liquid drug given to a patient (as opposed to a stock bottle, which usually contains a bulk amount of liquid and is not to be given to patients).
  • Mission British manufacturer of loudspeakers now owned by IAG
  • Mission (hockey), an ice and roller hockey skates and equipment manufacturer
  • Captain Mission, an 18th century pirate spaduti and captain of The Republic of the Sea who founded a short-lived utopian society.

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accredit, action, activity, adventure, agency, agentship, aim, air cover, air raid, air support, allegiance, amphibious operations, art, assign, assigned task, assignment, authority, authorization, authorize, basilica, bethel, bombing, bounden duty, brevet, burden, business, busywork, call of duty, calling, care, career, career building, careerism, cathedral, cathedral church, chare, charge, charter, chore, church, church house, combined operations, commission, commissioning, commit, commitment, committee, consign, consignment, conventicle, cover, craft, cure, dedication, deference, delegate, delegated authority, delegation, deputation, depute, deputize, detach, detail, devoir, devolute, devolution, devolve, devolve upon, devolvement, devotion, dry run, duomo, duties and responsibilities, duty, embassy, empower, empowerment, emprise, entrust, entrusting, entrustment, errand, ethics, executorship, exequatur, exercise, expedition, exploration, factorship, fealty, fish to fry, fluid operations, full power, function, game, give in charge, group, handicraft, homage, homework, house of God, house of prayer, house of worship, imperative, job, job of work, jurisdiction, kirk, labor, legation, license, lieutenancy, lifework, line, line of business, line of duty, line of work, logistics, loyalty, make-work, mandate, maneuver, maneuvers, matters in hand, meetinghouse, metier, military operations, milk run, ministry, minor basilica, minor operations, movement, must, mystery, number, objective, obligation, occupation, odd job, office, onus, operation, operations, ought, overseas operations, patriarchal basilica, piece of work, pilgrimage, place, place of worship, plenipotentiary power, post, power of attorney, power to act, practice, procuration, profession, project, proxy, purpose, pursuit, purview, quest, racket, reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission, regency, regentship, respect, responsibility, scramble, self-imposed duty, send out, service, shuttle raid, sortie, specialization, specialty, staff work, stint, strafing, subcommittee, task, things to do, trade, training mission, transfer, trust, trusteeship, umbrella, undertaking, vicarious authority, vocation, walk, walk of life, war game, war plans, warrant, work
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